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Research & Development

Avrasya is performing research and development activities with  a team which is consist of mechanical, electronic and software engineers. Avrasya believes continues learning and knows the value of all type of trainings for  R&D staffs. Besides in the field of development, Avrasaya co-operate with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, TUBITAK, KOSGEB and similar organizations.

  • Determination of Design Criteria / Concepts

  • Investment & Feasibility

  • Benchmark

  • Preliminary Design

  • Structural / Software / Electronic

  • Publication of Automation Approved Project Book

  • Engineering Design / Structural Engineering Design / Electronic + Automation Technical Document Preparation

  • Design Review Proposal Collection Software-Automation / Fasteners Prototype Trial Production

  • Manufacturability Agreement

  • Performance Tests (System, Electronics, Automation)

  • Eurasia / TSE Standard Tests

  • Trial Production KGY Tests

  • Post-Production Improvement Activities

  • Post Production Evaluation Sales Approval

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