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Engineering Production

AVRASYA is a Customer customized solution  GPS AVRASYA  Solar pile driver machine control system,
GPS Mazaka machine Control the most advanced Solar GPS system for pile drivers actually present on the solar sector

Avrasya is producing mechatronic solutions in accordance with customer request. Innovation is key word for Avrasya engineers to provide engineering solutions to customers. Mechanic, Hydraulic, Electronic and software are sciences Avrasya is using its productions.

In house software design in R&D activities is one of area’s company continually invests.

     We present our comprehensive range of engineering production capabilities that is based on a long-standing manufacturing tradition of our company. We benefit from extensive experience and expertise of our designers, technicians, production engineers and labourers whose constant professional growth is of utmost interest to us. All this in order to supply to our customers products and services of superior quality. We appreciate the adherence of our well established customers to whom we offer outstanding conditions of cooperation. Since 2002 our engineering production for civilian purposes has been undergoing a dynamic growth in the following areas: 

Basic Industry Operations

  • Purchase of materials

  • Preparation and cutting of sheet plates and profiles by laser, flame and saw on CNC machines

  • Rolling, cutting and bending of sheet metal primary parts on CNC machines

  • Material surface treatment by shot or sand blasting



  • Turning and milling operations on CNC vertical and horizontal machines

  • Welding in protective atmosphere by MIG-MAG & TIG-WIG methods

  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)

  • All locksmithing and sheet-metal operations

  • Paint job operations

  • Assembling and complete servicing of BÄR Cargolift lifting platforms

  • Assembling of mechanical units including hydraulics

  • Assembling of weak & heavy current electrical equipment, woodworking operations

  • Inspections and testing based on customer's requirements

Principal Products

  • Production of components, groups and welded assemblies for mini & medium size construction machines

  • Production of components, groups and welded assemblies for road building machines

  • Production of accurate parts, groups and welded assemblies for handling equipment

  • Production of special structures and welded assemblies to the customer’s requirements

  • Production of final products and their testing

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