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Engineering & Software

Manufacturing Technologies

The principal prerequisite for a quality job done, in addition to a good design is also a quality technical and technological facilities required for the production process. We have paid constant attention to improving our machine equipment since 2002 and we re-invest into procurement of the state-of-the art technologies annually. We possess the required designing technical facilities and technologies and modern machine equipment.


Engineering work 

  • Modern engineering centre (Inventor, ANSYS)

  • Designing of machine equipment and machines

  • Designs, project´s planning and construction of hydraulic and pneumatic systems

  • Designs, project´s planning and construction of cabling 

  • 3D modelling

  • Strength and elasticity analyses

  • Calculation by finite element method (FEM)

  • Kinematic diagrams

  • Catalogues and manuals

  • State-of-the art electronic system for documentation, archiving, printing a copying


Manufacturing technologies

  • Material preparation and cutting

  • Sheet metal working

  • Manufacture of welded assemblies

  • Machining of welded assemblies

  • Surface treatment & painting

  • Assembling & testing

  • Shipping


Machine equipment

  • Plasma cutting machines

  • CNC press brakes

  • Milling & drilling centres

  • Multi-purpose machining centres

  • Turning machines

  • Horizontal boring machines

  • Saws

  • Welders

  • Paint shops

  • Surface  lines

  • Shot blasting equipment

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